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Cindy Weymouth, Librarian Phone Icon 314.653.8194 or 314.653-8180 Email Icon Email
  Joann Cox, Library Technician (Hanrahan) Phone Icon 314.653.8194 Email Icon Email




The mission of the HE/WE School Library Media Program is to ensure that all students and staff have the information, tools, skills and opportunities they need to analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas and to grow. Exposure to a variety of literature in differing formats and enrichment activities  will assist students in thinking globally and becoming llfelong learners.


HE/WE School Library will:

  • Provide books, media, technology and other tools to support academic and recreational learning.

  • Provide instruction and experience in effectively locating, evaluating and using information (Information Literacy Skills) and navigating the online world safely, effectively and ethically (Digital Citizenship Skills).

  • Provide enrichment activities and programs to encourage lifelong learning habits, collaboration, and problem solving.


To provide resources and instruction that will empower users to read for pleasure, explore ideas and solve problems, engage ethically in the global community, and share understandings in new ways.