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MO HealthNet for Kids

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St, Joseph Customer Service Center Phone Icon 1-888-275-5908

MO HealthNet for KIDS


Does your child need health care coverage? 

MO HealthNet for KIDS is Missouri's health insurance program for uninsured children. 

To qualify a child must;

  • be under 19 years of age
  • apply for a Social Security number
  • live in Missouri and intend to remain
  • be a United States citizen or an eligible qualified non-citizen
  • have countable family income that meets the income guidelines
  • Parents must also cooperate with the Child Support Enforcement in the pursuit of medical support. 

If you are interested in applying for MO HealthNet for Kids... applications are available in the Abraham Office or call    1-888-275-5908 for information. 

Completed applications should be mailed to: St. Joseph Customer Service Center  525 Jules St. #127 St. Joseph, MO 64501