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Update phone numbers and addresses ASAP
Posted On:
Thursday, July 31, 2014
Keep your child safer and you more up-to-date...


Please REMEMBER to contact the school with updated phone numbers and addresses as soon as these change. Don't forget to update those ever important EMERGENCY CONTACT names and numbers also. 

Emergencies and illnesses do occur, and if we can't reach you, your child suffers. Students are often running fevers, throwing up, and in pain from things such as toothaches, headaches, and stomach aches. If we can't reach you, they often have to be miserable until we reach someone. 

Also, teachers and staff are unable to reach you to report important information regarding your child's progress and behavior. Parent / Teacher conferences are just around the corner, so teachers will be contacting you with date and time.  Make sure you are NOT left out, due to out-of-date contact information. 

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