Jennifer Macon Staff Photo

B. S. Marketing--Tuskegee University

Certificate --Harris Stowe State College

M.S. Special Education --UMSL

+30 Hours--Truman State University


Currently, I am a third grade teacher at Woodland Elementary.  I have worked in some capacity of education for twenty plus years.


Greetings! I am a third grade Math, Social Studies and Science Teacher at Woodland Elementary School.  I have been in some aspect of education for over twenty years.  The last university attended was Truman State University, gaining thirty additional hours over a Maters.  My rich Alabama background allows me to introduce the students who come before me to many avenues never experienced before.  As education has changed over the past twenty years, so has the process of educating children.  I have found that there are so many different ways of teaching one concept.  I get excited about the many choices students have when it comes to taking ownership of a strategy and choosing how they want to learn.  I know this is where I belong.